TCL plaster mix to ‘revolutionise’ construction

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

TCL’s country manager Guillermo Rojo de Diego, left, Micro Milling director Robert De Verteuil and TCL’s sales distribution segment manager Reshma Gooljar-Singh, show off the new Plasta Masta at its launch at Cara Suites, Claxton Bay on Friday.
Photo Yvonne Webb –

TRINIDAD Cement Ltd believes it has found a way to revolutionise the local construction industry with its new plastering mix, Plasta Masta.

The product, which requires just the addition of water to plaster walls and for bricklaying, stonework and to patch damaged mortar, was launched at Cara Suites Hotel, Claxton Bay, on Friday.

Country manager Guillermo Rojo De Diego said it can be stored for up to six months to a year in a secure, moisture-free environment.

He said the product had been developed over a three-year period in collaboration with Micro Milling Ltd.

“We believe this is the evolution of the construction industry in TT, and we want that revolution, and we want to grow this market.”

Andira Kowlessar, commercial adviser, agreed, saying Friday marked a significant milestone in TCL’s history, as the plastering mix has been engineered to redefine standards in the construction industry.

Rojo De Diego said plastering mixes are not novel, as they are available all over the world, including in his home in Spain, where they were introduced over 30 years ago. He said he did not want TT to be left behind.

While the product may not be acceptable to all, he said the goal is to give local builders, contractors and homeowners options to use the material, supplied in 22.72 kg sacks (50 pounds),which would provide consistency, as opposed to the time-consuming and inconsistent physical mixture of sand, gravel and cement.

TCL’s country manager Guillermo Rojo de Diego with the new Plasta Masta at its launch at Cara Suites, Claxton Bay on Friday. Photo Yvonne Webb –

Female construction professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners were factored into the process. Rojo De Diego explained that as part of its innovative strategy, TCL has put the face of a “Trini woman” on its packaging in tribute to women who are making their mark in the construction industry.

“We believe the construction sector in the past has been led very much by men. It is a macho industry.

“(But) we believe women are taking over. Women have a growing role in the construction industry – in the front line and behind.

“We see many women around here,” he said of his company and the representatives of the various hardware stores who attended Friday’s launch.

“We wanted to make a tribute to working women in the construction industry. That is why we have a Trini woman on our packaging. It is very unusual to see a lady on a cement packaging, but that is part of our innovation.

“We are extremely proud of our new baby.”

Rojo De Diego told his audience he is hoping the advantages the product provides will soon spread all over TT, but for that to happen, he needed them to believe, trust the product and give it a try.

Stephen Bachan, chemist and quality environment co-ordinator, said the versatile, easy-to-use product has been blended for convenience and safety to provide a smoother, long-lasting, strong-bonding finish.

Micro Milling director Robert De Verteuil said the two companies have been aware of each other’s products, and their relationship as customer and supplier has spanned over three decades. TCL has been in operation for some 65 years.

De Verteuil viewed Plasta Masta as a testament to the faith TCL has in his company’s ability to develop a consistent product.

“Premix blends are commonplace throughout the world, and this will make the contractor’s life easier.”

Reshma Gooljar-Singh, sales distribution segment manager, said the 50-lb package can plaster a ten-12-foot space. She said the product will be in hardware stores from April 8 and TCL has suggested a retail price of $33.75 plus VAT, which will bring the total cost to around $38 a bag.