Cops detain 6, seize 3 guns, drugs in anti-crime exercises

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A gun, ammunition and marijuana seized by police in various exercises over the weekend. – Photo courtesy TTPS

The police arrested six people and recovered three guns and a quantity of drugs over the weekend in anti-crime exercises across several divisions.

The police arrested a 19-year-old resident from Pinto after a car chase. The officers searched the car and found a Tanfoglio BTA90 gun fitted with a magazine containing 12 rounds of 9mm. They also found a magazine containing six rounds of 9 mm.

The police chased the car, which crashed at the corner of Racket Drive and Orange Grove Road.

The police were responding to a report of assault with intent to rob, which happened along the Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua, at around 8.20 pm on March 16.

Investigations are continuing.

A gun and ammunition found by police over the weekend in exercises. – Photo courtesy TTPS

In an exercise in the Morvant district, North Eastern Division police found a black Taurus pistol with ten rounds of 9 mm.

They searched a bushy area on an empty lot of land along St Charles Orphan Road, where they found the weapon. The police also searched under an abandoned vehicle at Pitch Road and found a quantity of marijuana and cocaine.

PC Moonesar is continuing enquiries.

A gun found by police over the weekend in exercises. – Photo courtesy TTPS

In another exercise between 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm in the Barataria district, officers went to Williams Lane, El Socorro and searched an opened area of land. There, they found a brown box containing two plastic bags of marijuana weighing 957 grammes.

PC Thomas is continuing investigations.

At around 6.30 am on March 16 at Moonan Road, Wallerfield, Arima, police found and seized ten high-grade marijuana trees and paraphernalia for indoor growing. They also found several fully-grown trees hanging from an indoor line.

A warrant is expected to be issued for the suspect who ran when the officers approached.

At around 11.30 pm on March 16, Central Division police arrested a 50-year-old man for having marijuana.

The police searched his home in Longdenville and found a black plastic bag containing 215 plastic bags of marijuana weighing a total of 555 grammes in an old washing machine.

PC Sammy is continuing enquiries.

Packets of marijuana found by police over the weekend in exercises. – Photo courtesy TTPS

In the Port of Spain Division, police held three people for gun-related offences in the Besson Street police district. The police charged one of the suspects, a 25-year-old man from Mon Repos, Morvant, with having a .38 revolver and five rounds of .38 ammunition.

PC Lashley is continuing enquiries.

At Palm Drive Road, Carapo, police held a man after they found 525 grammes of marijuana in a basket in a bedroom. It was wrapped in brown plastic.

The officers searched his home on March 16 in Area South of the Northern Division. PC Ramlochan is continuing enquiries.

Exercises continued on March 17, which led to the police finding ten rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition in a bushy area along Weeks Trace, San Juan. The ammunition was in a black plastic bag stuck to the base of a tree. PC Atkinson is continuing investigations.