‘A model for water supply’ – Tobago gets 2 WASA booster stations

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

An aerial view of the Highland Road booster station in Moriah, Tobago. –

ALMOST 6,000 residents in Tobago East are set to benefit from the commissioning of two Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) booster stations.

On February 27, Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales, Tobago East MP Ayanna Webster-Roy, Tobago West MP Shamfa Cudjoe-Lewis and WASA officials officially commissioned the Highland Road and Pine Hill booster stations.

At the Highland Road station in Moriah, Gonzales said, “In this region we have 5,200 people that will benefit directly from this facility, and in Parlatuvier we have 300 citizens will benefit from the Parlatuvier booster station, the high point.”

He said the commissioning of the two stations is another example of the great work done in Tobago over the last three years. He mentioned the desilting of the Hillsborough Dam, to the tune of $60 million; the Hope and Shirvan Road boosters were commissioned; and the Signal Hill/Lambeau pipe-laying project.

“Tobago is now a model region for water distribution and water supply, thanks to the hard work of (head, Tobago region, WASA) Mr (Brian) Williams, and his team.

He said his Cabinet colleagues understand what it means to not have a reliable supply of water.

“I want to tell you here in Tobago that despite our challenges, we have so many things to be grateful to God for. If we continue to allow these opportunities to leave us and not praise and thank God for his many blessings, then I would be afraid when God turns his back on us for our ingratitude.”

He added: “Life is not perfect, your circumstances here in Tobago is not perfect, even though it is far better than many communities even in Trinidad. As I speak to you here, 91 per cent of the population of Tobago now enjoys a water supply of 24/3.”

Deputy Chairman of the WASA Boards of Commissioners Alston Fournillier said the commissioning marks a significant milestone in WASA’s journey towards enhancing the quality of life of the residents.

WASA senior manager, Tobago Affairs, Andrew Daniel said for the Highlands Road booster, the source of water is the Craighall well which will feed the residents on a 24/6 basis. Daniel said the Pine Hill booster in Parlatuvier will serve the high-point customers that get some challenge in receiving a consistent water supply. He said with the introduction of that booster, which takes its water from the Bloody Bay wells, the residents will receive a 24/7 supply of water in their area.

Webster-Roy said she has heard the frustration of her constituents and is pleased with the development.

“I walk among my constituents very often so I hear first-hand – cries and concerns. While I was sitting there, I started reflecting and my mind went back to when Moses was leading the Israelites out of slavery. God laid it upon the hearts of Moses and instructed him to strike the rock to bring forth life-giving water to the Israelites as they wandered.

“Today, we don’t have to have a Moses to strike a rock because God has been on the hearts and on the minds of those who manage WASA, those who manage at the Ministry of Public Utilities, to ensure that Tobago East is not forgotten; to ensure that the people of Tobago East can drink of the life-giving water that we so need, not only for us to be productive, meaningful contributors to national development.”

Cudjoe-Lewis said it was delivery day for Webster-Roy and the people of Tobago East.

“At the cabinet table with Minister Webster-Roy, she is a quiet storm – you see her but there is a lot of fire in this woman, especially when it comes to championing the cause of Tobago East, and she works and works and works until projects and programmes are delivered with a sort of one-on-one relationship with her constituents. No big fanfare, no loud noise, but she stays serving and taking notes on behalf of Tobago East.”

She added: “We continue to remain resolute in our commitment to be of service, improving the lives of the people of Tobago. It is a real privilege to be here to support this initiative.”