Corey Holcomb Explains Why Rick Ross Abruptly Left Interview

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Comedian Corey Holcomb calls out rapper Rick Ross.

It seems comedian Corey Holcomb had a lot to say recently about Rick Ross’s unexpected departure from the 85 South Comedy Show two weeks ago. The “Port of Miami” entertainer was on set but mysteriously made a quick exit some thirty minutes in after claiming that he needed a bathroom break. When the break seemed extra lengthy, checks were done, and then his rep told the hosts that Ross had to catch a flight out of town.

However, this explanation seemed sketchy from the jump. Co-host and comedian DC Young Fly, who was present, shared afterward that Ross’ behavior seemed off to him.

“We ain’t get no dap? How he just gonna disappear on a ni**a like that? We ain’t even say bye or nothing,” he stated.

A rapper and music executive, Rick Ross, 45, whose government name is William Roberts, has been in the rap game for more than fifteen years. He was formerly a lead member of the hip hop group ‘Triple Cs’ with fellow rappers Torch and Gunplay. In September 2021, his book ‘The Perfect Day to Boss Up’ debuted on The New York Times bestsellers list at number 5.

Digging into his past a few years ago, he made an apology to the LGBTQ community for reportedly making derogatory anti-gay slurs and for calling fellow rapper 50 Cent gay and “curly.” With all of the backlash he subsequently received, Rick Ross then offered to make a song with someone from the gay community, which did not go down well as it was seen as back-handed, mocking, and insincere.

Comedian Corey Holcomb, therefore, seized the opportunity to take a jab at Ross by suggesting that the Maybach Music Group CEO pulled the disappearing act after concluding that none of the men on the comedy show were homosexual.

In a recent taping of the ‘D’s Loose Talk about Bullshit’ with host Darlene Ortiz, Holcomb concluded that that was the reason behind him ditching out on the show mid-way without a solid explanation.

Not known for mincing words, Holcomb went in saying, “That boy showed up at the ’85 South Show’ and realized ain’t none of these ni***s gay. I’m leaving … he was around all heterosexual ni**as. Don’t nobody say that but we know what it is. Y’all mutha****as can get mad at me. Let me tell you something, if Rick Ross watching this, let me tell him something –stop hiring drivers because drivers always tell on ya ni***s. I know what happened at LAX with that boy.”

Igniting a firestorm by implying that Rick Ross has his own secret lifestyle he is living on the down-low, the show’s host Ortiz quickly added after Holcomb’s inflammatory utterances that the views expressed were his own opinion and not that of the show and its affiliates. This is not the first time that Ross has been linked to rumors of homosexuality as in 2014, 50 Cent made a now-deleted Instagram post that insinuated that Ross, P. Diddy, and former music executive Steve Stout participated in a 3some.

He used the caption, “I ain’t saying nothing but something ain’t right, LMAO.”

Afterward, Rick Ross had stated that he was too booked and busy making money to be worried by silly rumors, but since then, the bad blood between himself and 50 Cent that started as far back as 2009 has carried on over the years.