Nicki Minaj Shared Why She Was Worried About Her Son Papa Bear

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Nicki Minaj shared two heartwarming clips of her baby boy Papa Bear enjoying some family time.

If your baby is this cute, you want to share him with the world every day. Nicki Minaj is so in love with her son, who she calls Papa Bear, that she has to share his cute antics with her fans. On Tuesday, the “Only” star shared a series of three video clips on Instagram of Papa Bear and his reaction when she takes him out for a walk and when he simply wants to just do his own thing. She also shared with fans that she was concerned about his health at first upon noticing some strange zoning-out behaviors. Thankfully, Papa Bear was just being a silly boy.

Nicki Minaj, who became a first-time mom at thirty-seven, let fans in on the intimate mother and son bonding moment, captioning the post, “Every day papa bear makes me call him so he can ignore me and look at me from the corner of his eye. Just so that I can keep saying ‘I see you,’ and he can pull the covers or curtains over his face and hide from me. At first, I used to really think he was just zoning out and not hearing me and I got a lil worried but no it’s just him thinking he a lil comedian or something. lol this boy. Mamma love you so much pappa.”

In the first video, the toddler, who is now eighteen months old, was in his Fendi stroller all wrapped up and snug in his burgundy tam and baby blue outfit. At the sound of her voice, he started smiling and giggling and pulled the blanket over his face as if he wanted to play ‘Peek-a-boo.’ In the background, you can hear her saying, “Now you wanna act like you don’t see me! I see you! I see you! Peek-a-boo. Is that Papa? Let me see you!”

In the second video, he kept trying to get out of the stroller at the sound of his father’s voice behind him. Petty was on a ledge made of stones, and Papa bear had had enough of being confined to the stroller and wanted out. Nicki warned him, “you’re not going up there. Don’t even think about it.” He responded, “ugh,” as if he understood.

Nicki Minaj interpreted that and said, “What you doing?” Petty responded, “I’m waiting for you,” and papa bear got more excited, prompting Nicki to chime, “you better not, sit your butt,” and shouted to her husband, “come and get him, he spoiling.”

The third and final video showed Papa with his cute cornrows playing with the rattle on his walker, but after a while, he started wailing on the item before walking off, no longer interested in that toy or activity.

While recording his antics, Nicki asked him, “Papa what you doing? Why you doing that? Did the thing do something to you? You don’t like the walker no more? Opp! Oh Ok then.”

Papa bear was born on September 30, 2020, and since then, the “Anaconda” artiste has settled into married life and motherhood. Mrs. Petty is still making music and on her hustle, but she also makes time to do fun family things with her husband and son.