Body found in Venezuela believed to be missing Cedros fisherman

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

David Seepaul –

ALTHOUGH it is yet to be verified, relatives believe a body found on the coast of Venezuela is that of missing Fullarton fisherman David Seepaul, 60.

Hunters Search and Rescue Team head Vallence Rambharat told Newsday they were reliably informed by contacts in Perdernales, Venezuela, that the body of a male was found last evening, on the coastline of the municipality.

“This municipality is just across from Icacos. We can also confirm that the families of the five missing fishermen from Cedros were informed. Due to our respect for these families, images sent to them must remain with them alone.”

Rambharat called for searches along the Perdernales coastline to be intensified.

Seepaul’s niece, Cintra, told Newsday the family received the pictures on Saturday evening. She said the body had already begun decomposing and was barely identifiable.

“The body swollen. It real big, you can’t see nah, and the body get like white…you seeing all the bones in he hand and thing. He don’t have no face. Everything decomposed.”

However, she said it was clad in the clothes Seepaul was last seen wearing. She said some were holding out hope, but one of Seepaul’s sons believed the clothing was enough to identify his father.

“It was real bawl and cry and thing when they see the picture and thing last night.”

“It was real tough to deal with that and then one of the boy keep saying, ‘All of allyuh could say what allyuh want! That is my father.”