Balandra baby dies after bleeding from nose

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A post-mortem is to be done on a two-month old baby who died hours after she started bleeding from her nose.

Reports say the child and her mother were at their home in Balandra around 9.30 pm on Tuesday when the mother fed and burped the baby before placing her on the bed.

A short while later she noticed the baby shaking, grimacing and screaming and thought the child was experiencing discomfort related to constipation.

She picked up the child and saw blood and froth coming from her nose.

The mother tried calling her husband and other relatives but did not get a response.

She remembered the child was treated with Panadol when she visited the health centre last month and administered a dose of Panadol and gripe water before putting her back on the bed.

Around 5 am on Wednesday, the mother went to check on her daughter and found her lifeless and unresponsive.

She contacted her husband who called an ambulance which took the baby to the Sangre Grande District Hospital.

Three hours later the baby was declared dead by a doctor at the hospital.

The mother was interviewed by medical staff who also contacted the Toco Police Station so officers could began an investigation into the child’s death.

Newsday understands police found the baby’s stomach to be unusually high and swollen but there were no marks of violence on the baby’s body.

Police retrieved items of evidential value from the home but officers were unable to record the mother’s statement as she was in no state of mind to speak at the time.

A post mortem was expected to be done on the baby on Thursday.