TTCSI: Will CoP’s contract be renewed?

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher. –

The TT Coalition of Service Industries is calling for answers from the government on the expiration of the contract of police commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher.

In a release on Friday, the coalition asked what measures were being put in place to address the expiration of the police commissioner’s contract.

“Will her contract be extended or will it not? If not, who will be assigned the responsibility to protect and serve the interest of our members. A more proactive approach to decision-making on this national issue cannot be over-emphasized.”

TTCSI said the business community and everyone living in TT are under a never-before-seen type of threat.

“Home invasions, extortion, fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities have been on the steady increase. This, despite the fact that there have been many promises by those responsible for protecting our members advising that strategies would have been formulated or are being pursued to counter these activities that have put our people under duress.

“Our members are unable to feel a sense of safety at their workplaces, on the streets and in their homes. While they have been, to the best of their capacity, taking precautionary measures, those that remain focused on targeting the community are becoming more industrious, astute and aggressive in their misguided and illegal pursuits.”

The coalition also addressed the issue of proposed legislative changes on the issue or use of firearm users licences.

“It prompts the question as to why will someone who has been legitimately granted a licensed firearm not be allowed to choose where they go with it. We are of the view that if our members are licensed firearm users, they should rightfully be granted the autonomy to have that firearm in their possession. We do not know the date, hour or venue at which they may have to defend themselves.

“Comparatively, in looking at the other side, the criminal elements have no restrictions, they walk around with their weapons. Should this proposed change take place, it may increase the level of risk we now face. We therefore, call on our governors to take immediate and sustained steps to protect our members and all citizens and we stand ready to collaborate on this initiative.”