Some bakeries unaffected by flour price drop

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A range of Nutrimix flour products at a supermarket in Port of Spain. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

THE price of breads, pastries and cakes at bakeries are unlikely to be affected by the decrease in prices of Nutrimix flour, as the price reductions affect mainly retail packages.

Chee Mooke Bakery human resources manager Nathalie Phillips said the bakery bought flour in 100-lb bags.

“We would benefit from a bulk price all the time. We don’t buy what you would find in the grocery. Unless they extend a discount to the bulk purchasers, it doesn’t affect bakeries. Maybe smaller artisan bakeries and bakeries who use those packs, it will affect their prices but not at our level.”

Phillips said she would wait to hear if any discount would be offered to bulk purchasers.

Puff N’ Stuff CEO George Laing said it was too early to comment, as the price had not been dropped on the 100 lb/45 kg Baker’s Flour.

“They have only dropped the price on the two- and ten-kg bags. I spoke to my sales reps and accounts manager and asked if there was any reduction. They said not as yet and they will have to wait until next week to see what management does.”

On May 10, Nutrimix said the prices of its Country Pride and Nutrimix Premium Grade two-kilogramme (kg) and ten-kg range of flour would be reduced. It said Country Pride two-kg and ten-kg Baker’s Flour were reduced by 17 per cent, two-kg All Purpose by eight per cent and ten-kg by 13 per cent. Its cake and whole wheat flour two-kg bags, were reduced by five per cent. Nutrimix Premium Grade Flour, two-kg and ten-kg, were reduced by nine and ten per cent, respectively.

Nutrimix said, “This reduction is due to several factors, including the global decrease in wheat prices and shipping costs, our improved internal systems and controls, and our initiatives to increase the efficiency of our operations while reducing milling and processing costs.”