Police investigating entertainer’s complaint

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Kenneth Supersad – Photo by Jeff Mayers

THE police have said they are investigating claims by an entertainer of poor customer service at a police station.

In a statement issued on May 3, the police said they were aware of a video circulating on social media, made by comedian Kenneth Supersad, alleging that he received poor customer service at a police station when trying to make a report.

The police said an investigation has been launched into Supersad’s claims of assault and poor customer service.

“Various persons have been interviewed and statements recorded as part of efforts being made to apprehend the suspect.”

The police said investigators have contacted Supersad for further information.

They added that they do not condone the delivery of poor service to citizens and that officers treat all reports of crime with the utmost importance and urgency.

In an interview with Newsday on May 3, Supersad said two police officers came to his home earlier in the day and apologised to him for what happened at the station on May 2.

They asked him to come to the station to make the statement he was unable to make on the first occasion.

Supersad promised he would do so.

He said the complaint he had gone to the station to make about an argument he had with another man.

Supersad said a police officer at the station refused to take his statement, asked for his phone number and promised to contact him.

Supersad said he was playing pool with a man at a bar on May 2, but left when it seemed an argument with the man was about to happen. He said the man subsequently assaulted him.

Supersad said he has health issues and the situation has shaken him. He added that his relatives are concerned as well.

(Interview with Supersad by Melissa Doughty)