Murder victim’s brother one of 2 gunned down in Moruga

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A police car at the scene of a crime. – File photo by Roger Jacob

THE brother of a murder victim was gunned down at his home in St Mary’s Village in Moruga on April 22.

Fisherman Oba Gill, 31, of Simon Trace, died on the spot.

Another person, Brandon Seenath, 34, of Douglas Trace, in St Mary’s Village, was also gunned down in the same incident. The labourer also had another address, in the Rio Claro district.

Gill was the brother of Italo James, who was shot dead in 2007.

Their father, Frank Gill, was charged with murder, and in 2018, he was released from prison after the High Court found him not guilty.

The latest shooting took place at Gill’s home around 5.30 pm. Gill and Seenath were in the garage area, where gunmen started shooting, hitting them.

Gill’s body was found slumped on a chair.

Seenath’s body was face-down nearby on the ground.

The police found ten 5.56 spent casings.

The first responders were Cpl Jointe and PC Burton of the St Mary’s police post.

Supt Birch, acting ASP Ramdath, Insp Ramsaran, and acting Sgt Teeluck of the Southern Division also visited. Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region III, police among them ASP Persad, acting Insp Ousman and Sgt Smith visited and gathered evidence.

The police said the motive was drug-related.

Gill was also the brother of Shumba James. Shumba was a witness in the trial of six police officers in connection with the July 2011 shooting deaths of his girlfriend, Alana Duncan, of San Fernando, and two friends, Abigail Johnson and Kerron “Fingers” Eccles, 29, both of St Mary’s Village.