Man arrested for vandalising Finance Ministry

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

– File photo

A MAN pretending to be a maintenance worker broke into the Ministry of Finance and damaged the building’s water pipes and air conditioning unit.

A statement sent on May 12 said on April 30, the suspect gained entry to the top floor of the ministry at the Eric Williams Financial Complex by pretending to be part of the building cleaning team working outside.

Later in the day, a maintenance worker saw major water leakage and became suspicious. He told security guards, who then reviewed the CCTV camera footage, which led to the suspect being caught.

The man was searched and a gauge and valve taken from a pump line were found, along with “other items of a suspicious nature.”

The ministry’s technical staff and specialist contractors searched the building. The release said had the suspect not been caught, his actions would have caused water tanks to leak out, the air conditioning to malfunction, water to pour into the electrical systems and the destruction of important documents and records.

“The building would have shut down, causing chaos and confusion. There would have been an evacuation, which might have caused other unauthorised individuals to gain access and engage in other malicious acts.”

The release said the ministry is taking “further precautions,” to protect its building, documents and records.Police charged the suspect with malicious damage and he was remanded in custody.