Malick family facing threats, 2 members killed in 2 years

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A family from Malick claim they are being targeted for refusing to support any of the gangs in the area.

Anthony Marryshow, 43, was killed metres from his home on May 18 morning.

Reports say a gunman walked up to him and shot him in the head shortly after he left home and was on his way to work.

Marryshow’s relatives said he was the second person in the family to be killed in the past two years. His brother-in-law Richard Harewood was murdered in July 2022.

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, on Tuesday, Marryshow’s family said the threats began when they refused to say whether they supported any particular gang.

“It have the gang thing, but we never wanted to deal with these people. But they kept asking ‘Who allyuh for… Which gang? Who allyuh rolling with?’

“We never said anything, and through that they came home and they killed (Harewood) because we not dealing with these people.”

They said Harewood had a criminal past, but they are positive his death was not because of his history, as he had left that life behind a long time ago.

Harewood was killed in front of his children, and the family say they have been living in fear ever since.

“We keep telling the police that people threatening we family. They threatening we and the police telling we they can’t do nothing.”

They said their fears came to pass over the weekend when they heard Marryshow was shot dead in the street.

“This is a second family member that dead from the same people was sending threats. We just fed up.”

“My brother going to work and they walk up behind him and shoot him and kill him for nothing. For nothing.”

Marryshow’s family remembered him as a loving man who was willing to make sacrifices for anyone.

“If you come home by us and he cooked food and you ask him for some, he will have his plate of food in his hand and he will give it to you and go look for something else to eat.”

His family said he did not deserve to die the way he did, as he was never involved in crime.

“He don’t deserve that. That is real stupidness, boy.”

His mother recalled spending time with him on Mother’s Day.

“My son hugged me up. He kissed me and sang for me. He said, ‘Mummy, you are the love of my heart, you’ll always be in my heart.’ He was singing and he started crying and he hugged me up.

“I don’t know what they (kill) him for, because he don’t be nowhere and he don’t do nobody nothing.”

The family said two other relatives who worked as taxi drivers in the area had also been threatened.

“They tell them to stop working PH taxi in the area. They have to come off the road. So how are they supposed to make money when the day come?”

The family was in tears as they called on the police to “do better” when dealing with the public.

They said another relative who lived with them asked the police for help as he had to sign a bail book as part of his bail conditions, but was concerned for his safety after the shooting.

“The same day Anthony passed away, we asked the police for help, but they said they cannot help us. He asked them if they could come for him because his relative just get shot, but they say no. So now our relative supposed to go and wait for a taxi to go to the station and sign.”

They urged the police to act swiftly to address the gang warfare in the area.

“When the police catch them they need to kill them, dread, because I fed up. It’s the same set of people name calling over and over and over for the crime up by we and for distressing people and killing people.

“It’s the same set of people and the police know that. But when families retaliate, the police coming to lock you up.”