Gasparillo cops assaulted while arresting man accused of throwing stones

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A Gasparillo cop was injured while trying to arrest a suspect. –

A man from Gasparillo is expected to be charged this week with a series of offences, including assaulting two police officers.

Reports are the man, from Victoria Street, allegedly kicked PC Polo in the left leg, causing severe injuries. His leg is now in a cast.

The suspect is also alleged to have kicked WPC Harewood-Johnson in the stomach, causing her to fall into the road.

Reports are the incident happened on June 3 at around 12.30 pm at Bonne Aventure Road in Gasparillo.

The police station received a report of malicious damage, and Polo and Harewood-Johnson, who were on mobile patrol, responded.

Relatives reported that the suspect had come to their home and started cussing.

He also threw bottles and stones at the house, causing damage to the ceiling, an upstairs window and a wardrobe in a female relative’s room.

The police were then told the suspect was liming at La Paloma Bar, a short distance away.

They went to the bar, identified themselves, and told him about the report they were investigating.

In response, the suspect, who was holding a green glass bottle, began shouting and using obscene language.

The policeman told the man to put down the bottle, but he refused.

As he raised his hand to pelt the bottle at the officers, they managed to take the bottle from him.

While the officers were trying to put the suspect in the police van, he started to fight them.

That was when he kicked both officers.

The police arrested and took the suspect to the Gasparillo police station.

Both officers were taken to San Fernando General Hospital. They were discharged on June 4.

The suspect faces several charges, including assaulting the two police officers, malicious damage to property, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and using obscene language.