Fyzabad MP urges government: Invest more in nurses

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Fyzabad MP
Dr Lackram Bodoe – File photo

IN recognition of Intentional Nurses Day – May 12 – Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe is reminding the public that nurses are “the backbone of any healthcare system.”

Because of this, he is urging the government to invest more in the profession.

In a press release on May 12, he said they play a key role in global healthcare delivery, adding that the profession requires “dedication, commitment, and diligence…

“And nurses are often called upon to make tremendous personal sacrifices in the performance of their duties.

“In addition to caring for the sick, nurses also play a pivotal role in the prevention of disease and provision of health education.”

He said they are also “called into action” during crises like war, famine and epidemics.

“In Trinidad and Tobago, nurses are to be commended for their tremendous dedication to duty in our nation’s health institutions. In the public health sector, they continue to toil often with insufficient resources and under difficult working conditions.

“Yet, in the great majority of instances, their dedication to duty remains unwavering, as the nation witnessed in the recent covid19 pandemic.

He thanked nurses for their continued hard work and dedication.

“The government needs to invest more in support of the nursing profession, especially in the areas of education and training, and improving the working conditions of nurses.

“The less-than-ideal nurse-to-patient ratio on many wards of public hospitals, and the shortage of specialist nurses in some care areas, need to be addressed urgently.”

He also praised the National Nurses Association for its “vigorous advocacy.

“The International Council of Nurses, building on its theme Our nurses, Our future, and focusing on the economic power of care, in 2024, emphasises the fact that investment in nursing can be of economic benefit to all societies.

“The Pan American Health Organization, in observance of International Nurses Day this year, is encouraging all its member states in the region to ‘hold discussions on gender, leadership and innovation in education and practice.’

“I urge (nurses) to use this day to reflect on ways in which they can not only continue their own personal self-development but also contribute to the improvement of our nation’s healthcare system.”