Despite late start, Tobagonians enjoy Carnival Tuesday parade

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Mikel Lewis portrays Beyond The Mystical World during parade of the bands in Scarborough on Tuesday. – Photo by Corey Connelly

THE PARADE of the bands in Tobago got off to an exceptionally late start on Carnival Tuesday.

The event, which was scheduled to begin at 1 pm, did not begin until two hours later.

For many of the spectators at the first judging point in Old Market Square, Scarborough, it was worth the wait.

Although there were some lulls between bands in the early part of the event, the presentations flowed smoothly later on. Emcees Leslie-Ann Ellis and Marlon Callender created a festive mood, thrilling masqueraders and onlookers with their comedic antics and banter.

Astra Winchester Creations’ presentation, What Lurks In The Night, was the first to appear before the judges. It featured three sections: Soucouyant, Spirit of the Sea and Spiders.

The band which competed in the medium category had three female individuals.

Melissa Winchester introduced the presentation with her red and black portrayal, Soucouyant, a folklore character known for shedding her skin and sucking the blood of her victims.

The other female individuals were Alison Thomas and Annetta Winchester, who played Spirit of the Sea and Spider Queen, respectively.

Lu Ann Melville & Associates’ Bon Voyage was the second band to cross the square.

Designed by Philmore Webb, the presentation, which featured things commonly associated with the sea, also had three sections: Sea Angels, Sailors and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The highlight of the sea angels’ costume was its blue and silver-coloured cape-like structure, which was designed like a fish fin. The dazzling effect in the sunlight made for a beautiful spectacle.

Sailors are always a favourite with spectators at Carnival and Bon Voyage was no exception.

Some of the band’s masqueraders were smartly attired in their blue and white outfits with hats while others wore red and white striped socks. The final section, Pirates of the Caribbean, was equally impressive.

Alison Thomas portrays Spirit of the Sea from the band What Lurks In The Night, during the parade of the bands in Scarborough on Carnival Tuesday. – Photo by Corey Connelly