Cops charged for stealing US$37,175

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Two police officers have been charged with misbehaviour in public office and will appear before a Master of the Criminal Court in Port-of-Spain on May 13 (today).

A statement sent on Sunday said both men were arrested and charged on May 10, with larceny contrary to common law, which is the taking of personal property with the intent to permanently deprive the owner.

On March 19 and April 9, a man went to the Professional Standards Bureau to file reports against several officers of the Western Division.

Reports say on March 19, at around 10 am, a man coming from Port of Spain, upon reaching the Beetham Gardens on the highway near Maritime Plaza, was pulled over by two police vehicles.

The man told investigators at the Professional Standards Bureau that the officers told him they had received information that he had an illegal firearm and began searching his vehicle.

The man claimed that the officers took several envelopes containing a total of US $17,000 from his vehicle.

The man also reported that on April 9, he was driving through Port of Spain when he was stopped by officers, who again told him they had information that he had illegal firearms and ammunition in his vehicle. He claimed the officers searched his vehicle and took US $20,175.