Browne: Mid-Year review not in jeopardy

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Mariano Browne. – File photo by Faith Ayoung

The mid year review of the economy is not in jeopardy as a result of the ongoing controversy between Government and the Auditor General over the submission of the latter’s report to Parliament on the 2023 public financial statements.

Former minister in the ministry of finance Mariano Browne expressed this view on April 30.

The mid-year review involves a review of the current budget by the finance minister in Parliament.

The review usually happens in May and could result in the budget being supplemented with additional funding to undertake certain projects. The exercise could also see alterations to some of the measures in the budget such as fuel prices.

Browne was asked whether the ongoing impasse could affect the mid-year review in any way or affect Government’s ability to do things such as pay public servants’ salaries on time.

He did not see the current situation regarding the submission of the Auditor General’s report on last year’s financial statements affecting the mid-year review of the government’s financial operations in any way.

“The mid-year review is a review of the current finances. This has nothing to do with certification of the previous year’s financials.”

Browne said, “Similarly, payments of current year obligations is done in accordance with the appropriation bill for the current year. The matter with the Auditor General does not impact current year operations in the manner you have questioned.”