2 men plead guilty to 2010 stabbing at bar

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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TWO men have been freed after serving their sentences imposed by a High Court judge on May 6.

Kyle Marcano and Caesar Burke were sentenced on May 6 by Justice Gail Gonzales after they pleaded guilty to the killing of crab vendor Chin Brankar at the Prime Time Recreation Club in San Fernando on November 14, 2010.

They were each sentenced to time served after the judge applied a one-third discount on their sentence for their guilty pleas and deducted the time they had already spent on remand.

The judge had started with a sentence of 23 years, reducing it by three because of their good conduct in prison and their remorse.

Brankar was stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. According to the agreed facts presented to the court, the three men were at the club when a bartender, who gave a statement to police, said Brankar was leaving the club when Marcano called out to him and told him to “come and take a drink.”

Brankar refused and then a conversation between the two men turned to blows. The bartender was told not to get involved and that “it was something from jail” when he tried to break up the fight.

Brankar ran out of the club but was accosted by the two who “real beat” him, according to the bartender. He also noticed Burke had a red cloth in his hand with something wrapped in it. Brankar ran towards some friends in a parked car and fainted. He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died the next day.

On November 16, 2010, Marcano told police he asked “ah fella” for a cigarette who in turn, asked for “ah drink in de puncheon.”

Marcano said the alcohol was not his but he could ask one of the others. There was an exchange of words between Brankar and the group and Marcano said he cuffed him while telling him to move.

“…Ah see Caesar stab de fella on he right side by he belly area two times, with a knife…”

When charged, he said, “Me eh kill nobody.”

Burke said the same thing when he was questioned by police.

However, during an interview at the Gasparillo police station, he said he went to the bar with Marcano and some other men. He said he was drunk and a friend put him in a taxi to take him home.

Marcano was represented by attorneys Larry Williams and Toni Roberts while Collin Elbourne and Ravi Rajah of the Public Defender’s Department represented Burke.

Kimberley Gunness represented the State.