Tobago-born pilot surprises proud mum on flight

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Pilot Jerome Lawrence. –

TOBAGONIAN Jerome Lawrence brought his mother to tears on May 1 when she learnt that he was piloting a United Airlines flight she was a passenger on from Houston to Trinidad and Tobago.

After 17 years as a pilot, it was his first time flying to the country.

In video posted on his Facebook page, the Bethel, Tobago native said he had long dreamt about flying his parents.

“But Daddy said he rather watch over us. So that’s what he did,” Lawrence said, alluding to the death of his father.

“Funny, one time I wanted to carry him on a flight in a small plane lol (laugh out loud). He said, ‘You could carry your mother. I go watch and protect allyuh from here.’

“So I guess that’s what he preferred to do.”

Pilot Jerome Lawrence surprises his mom on a flight from Houston to Trinidad on May 1. –

Lawrence said flying a plane in which his mother was a passenger is “hands down the coolest thing I have done so far at United.”

He was disappointed he did not get her initial reaction.

But Lawrence recalled her saying, “Wait, that looks like Jerome. Jerome, don’t do that, man, why you do that?”

He told the passengers, “It is a special moment for me I’d like to share with you guys. A lady in first class here is my mum. It is my first time flying her to Trinidad and it’s my first time landing back in Trinidad after 17 years.”