TADCO’s ice supply affected by dry season

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Ice cubes. – Photo courtesy TADCO

THE dry season is affecting the availability of the Tobago Agribusiness Development Company Ltd’s (TADCO) ice supply.

In a press release, TADCO acknowledged the challenge posed by the current dry season and subsequent scheduling of water supplies.

The release said depleted tank farm reserves and heightened demands due to the suspension and or reduced services by competitors might affect ice supply in the coming weeks.

“The dry season has presented unprecedented challenges, affected water availability and consequently impacted our production processes. Despite our best efforts to mitigate these challenges, the situation is beyond the control of the company. We understand the importance of ice supply to our customers,” the release said.

It added that while there are external factors that may affect operations, the company remains committed to monitoring the situation closely and taking necessary steps to meet the needs of its customers to the best of its ability.

“TADCO assures its customers that every effort is being made to maintain continuity of service during this time. However, customers may experience minor disruptions or delays in ice supply due to the prevailing circumstances.”