Missing man, 33, found dead in Princes Town

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Adil Mohammed of Cemetery Street Princes Town was found dead along Fairfield Road, Princes Town on May 11. His vehicle remains missing.

THE body of a missing 33-year-old father of one was found near a savannah in Fairfield Road in Princes Town on the night of May 11.

Adil Mohammed, 33, of Cemetery Street, in Princes Town, was last seen alive on May 10 at around 5 pm when he left home in his Toyota Carolla car.

Mohammed told a relative that he was going to buy barbeque and gas.

Mohammed, who worked as a cesspool attendant at the Princes Town Regional Corporation, added that if the area was busy, he would ply his car for hire in the Princes Town/St Croix Road area.

Speaking to Newsday at the family’s home, his sister Sarah Khan recalled that he started to work PH in the area for the past month.

Khan said at around 1 am on May 11, he did not return home, which was unusual.

All calls to Mohammed’s phone went straight to voicemail.

His common-law wife alerted other relatives and they went to the Princes Town police station.

The family said the police suggested they also checked the nearby hospital to see if he was there. The family checked and confirmed he was not.

Relatives returned to the station at around 7 am and reported him missing.

At around 8. 30 pm on Saturday, they got a call that his body was found at Fairfield Road near the savannah. It was in a bushy area where people dump rubbish. The car remained missing.

Mohammed’s bereaved father, Aziz Mohammed, since the tragic news broke, people have been visiting the house non-shop to offer condolences. Mohammed was his only son.

“The world is in chaos. It is only getting worse. As the good book says, we are living at the end of time. Mankind could not and would not find a solution to this. God is the only solution to this,” the father of four said.

“The trend (of chaos) is it is happening everywhere. You do not feel it until it reaches your home.”

Aziz said his son was going about his life as normal.

He added, “Despite everything that has happened, God is great. He brings us here for a reason and anything that happens to us is for a good reason. God is in charge. That guy helped people. He helped a lot of people. He helped the poor.”

When asked if Mohammed had made any plans for Mother’s Day, his father said that, as Muslims, every day is Mother’s Day.

Apart from relatives and the police, members of the NGO Hunters Search and Rescue Team, led by captain Vallence Rambharat, were also searching for Mohammed and his car.

A Facebook post on the night of May 11, “On behalf of all, we extend our commiserations to his family and loved ones, including his dear wife. Sleep in eternal peace, Adil. God’s blessings.”

Southern Division and Homicide Bureau of Investigations, Region Three, police also visited the scene and gathered evidence.

The police said the body had a wound to the head.

Investigators believe robbery to be the motive.

An autopsy is expected to be done during the week at the Forensic Science Centre in St James.