Minister celebrates women in national security

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

From left, deputy comptroller of corporate services, customs and
excise division, Savitri Ramjit; Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher; Minister of National
Security, Fitzgerald Hinds and chief immigration
officer, immigration division, Vera Persad, during the official launch of WISAP at the Ministry of National Security, Port of Spain on April 17. – Photo courtesy the Ministry of National Security

MINISTER of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds lauded the significant contributions of women in all branches of the national-security sector during the launch of the Women in Service and Protection (WISAP) Non-Profit Association.

He spoke on April 17 at the Ministry of National Security in Port of Spain.

In a press release issued by the ministry on April 18, Hinds said, “Our women in National Security continue to champion community policing initiatives; lead critical investigations; manage critical security assets; function optimally in the recruit training environment; or pilot aerial assets. As women you demonstrate exceptional professionalism and leadership, bringing a unique perspective to law enforcement and the military, while fostering trust and collaborating within our communities.”

WISAP is a non-profit association encompassing women in law enforcement from various agencies, including the defence force, prison service, fire service, police, Customs and Excise Division, Immigration Division, Port Authority and the Airports Authority.

Hinds expressed gratitude for the dedication and commitment of women in national security.

“As we celebrate your achievements, we must also look to the future, a future of even greater opportunities for women in service! We must continue to empower, encourage, and uplift our women, both in our services, and out. We must continue to create pathways for growth and development, ensuring equal opportunities for all.”