LinkTT to ‘bridge digital divide’ – Loans to buy electronics, internet

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Minister Pennelope Beckles-Robinson (third from left) takes a photo with the LinkTT Partners (from left to right) – Niall Legerton, John Victor, Kenwyn Peters, Rae Ann George, Meranda Ramoutar, Genevieve Julien and Roberta Norman-Reverand. – Photo courtesy George Pont

GEORGE Pont Business and Financial Services seeks to “bridge the digital divide” in Trinidad and Tobago by partnering with Neal and Massy Credit Union to provide loans to citizens to be used to purchase a range of electronics.

The initiative – launched on May 7 – is also a partnership with Unicomer, Flow and UWI-ROYTEC.

On its website (, there are several cellphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, gaming consoles and internet packages. It adds that new devices will continually be added. Brands included are Apple, Samsung, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Sony, and TCL.

Users can order devices online, then must take their confirmation to Neal and Massy Credit Union to apply for a loan.

In a press release by LinkTT, it said Planning and Development Minister Pennelope Beckles praised the initiative, saying it is about “empowering our citizens and integrating every individual into the digital future of Trinidad and Tobago.

“This initiative epitomises the resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit that define our nation. It represents our collective ambition to drive comprehensive digital transformation and inclusivity, commitments deeply rooted in our national ethos.”

She said technology is the “great equaliser,” and reaffirmed the government’s “unwavering commitment to initiatives like LinkTT, which propel us toward realising our Vision 2030 goals.

“This project highlights our thrust to equip every citizen with the tools required to thrive in the digital age, paving the way for a more connected and equitable future.”

CEO George Pont said bridging the digital divide must be addressed via collaboration on infrastructure, access, skills, and usage.

“Digital inclusion, digital literacy, the digital divide is everyone’s concern. It must be everyone’s concern.

“We are moved to take action, to ask the right questions, and to engage multidisciplinary experts – locally and globally.”

He said LinkTT is an “ecosystem” meant to “intervene, interrupt, and awaken us to the fact that the future is today and we now live in a new world that requires a fundamental shift in how we inhale and exhale – in other words, how we navigate this thing we call life.

“There was a time when technology was seen as a ‘gadget thing’ or a ‘geek thing’ that just a small sector of the population was interested in. “Fast-forward to today and technology has not only reshaped our educational, professional, scientific, recreational, intellectual, and spiritual disciplines but it has fundamentally impacted the way we communicate, interact, record memories, and share experiences.”

In addition, Neal and Massy Credit Union CEO said he was proud to be leading the financial sector’s involvement “in this transformative project.

“We are thrilled to pioneer this digital inclusivity initiative, demonstrating our commitment to community and innovation.”

LinkTT’s website says eventually, the initiative will be available to all credit unions “in phases.”