Cops kill murder suspect, another man in St Augustine

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Snr Supt Richard Smith, head of the North Central Police Division, at a crime scene in Dookiesingh Street, St Augustine on May 15. – Photo by Jeff K Mayers

A SUSPECT wanted in connection with a double murder was among two men who were shot dead by police at Dookiesingh Street, St Augustine shortly before 9 am on May 15.

Head of the North Central Division Snr Supt Richard Smith said officers of the homicide bureau of investigations went to a house along Dookiesingh Street to arrest the suspect who was wanted for the murder of double murder on December 30, 2023.

In that incident, Anand Bissoon, 35, of Benny Street, and Shane Ramjitsingh, 20, of Dookiesingh Street Extension, St Augustine were shot dead while a third victim, Nethan Greer, 20, of Dookiesingh Extension, was wounded. The three men were in the porch of a house when they were shot. Police then identified the suspect as a teenager.

Smith told Newsday on May 15, “On their arrival, there was a small chase and a violent encounter between the officers and the suspect resulting in suspect and another man, who remains unidentified at this stage, being fatally wounded,” Smith said. He did not immediately identify the dead suspect.

He said a gun, drugs and ammunition have been recovered on the scene as crime scene unit officers processed the scene.

Smith offered condolences to the relatives of two dead men.

“We are out here trying to ensure safety and security to the residents of Dookiesingh Street and I want to just let them, rest assured we are here for them and we appreciate whatever information that you all will be able to share with us in the near future,” Smith said.

Police officers at a crime scene were two were shot and killed by officers on Dookiesingh Street, St Augustine on May 15. – Photo by Jeff K Mayers

Snr Supt Richard Smith, right, looks on as a police officer of the canine unit canvases the crime scene where two people were shot and killed by police officers on May 15. – Photo by Jeff K Mayers