Central Bank to issue new $100 polymer notes

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The Central Bank, Port of Spain. – File photo by Jeff K Mayers

The Central Bank of TT (CBTT) plans to issue an update to the $100 polymer banknote at the end of the year.

This was one of the several plans listed in strategic plan three-and-a-half year update, issued late in March.

The Central Bank publication said the note will be similar to the current polymer $100 note, with clear windows that can be seen from the front and back, note denomination in coloured ink and raised dots to help visually impaired.

It said there will also be a few new security features. The first polymer $100 bill was issued in 2019, some five years ago along with notes in several other denominations.

Central Bank said the bank notes have shown its durability compared to the cotton-based bank notes.

The strategic plans also revealed its intention to dive deeper into cybersecurity, as it plans to build on current collaborations while it gains practical experience with cybersecurity supervision.

“The bank will carefully review the outcomes and recommendations of the latest IMF cybersecurity exercises,” it said.

Central Bank said the importance of reviewing the outcomes include closer interactions with international agencies and other central banks in identifying threats, reporting on incidents and coming up with appropriate solutions.