Aunt of Cocorite murder victim calls for forgiveness

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Sadiki Ottley, one of the four victims of the Cocorite shooting. –

As the second victim of the Cocorite quadruple murder was laid to rest, the pastor and his aunt called for everyone to fear God, follow his commandments and forgive those who did this heinous act.

The funeral service of Sadiki Ottley, 31, one of the men gunned down on May 4 in Phase One, Powder Magazine, Cocorite, took place in the community on May 15.

Hundreds of mourners turned out at the basketball court in Cocorite for the service, including members of the Infirmary football club of which Sadiki was a part.

Sadiki’s sister Afiya Ottley said, “My brother was the biggest Liverpool FC fan. He loved football and every Tuesday and Thursday, he would go play – injured or not.

“He always did what he wanted to do, say what was on his mind.”

Tichuana Thomas described her cousin Sadiki as a comedian whose aura and energy were different.

“He was strong, courageous and straightforward.”

Yvonne Mulraine, the pastor who officiated the funeral, told the community, “Forgive those that have trespassed against you.

“I’m not saying it is easy, but it is the Godly thing to do. If you have unforgiveness, it will breed hatred and vengeance. Leave it to God.”

She appealed to those involved in bad activities to respect and fear God as it would help minimise conflicts and gang warfare.

Sadiki’s aunt, Karen Ottley, shared similar sentiments, saying she does not recognise Trinidad and Tobago at present.

“This is not the Trinidad and Tobago it used to be. Where have we lost it, the innocence in the country?”

She also noted the presence of the police and army.

“When can we sit without fear in Trinidad and Tobago? Why do we need to have national security at a funeral?

“Enough is enough Trinidad and Tobago.”

She hoped that something positive would come out of the death of her nephew and called for the young people to do something constructive as there are many programmes for young people to not be idle.

Thomas concluded, “They took a great father, a loving son, a willing brother, a protective cousin and a great friend.

“Your life was cut short, but the light you left with us will never grow dim.”