APT James, Buccoo Reef ferries end drydock

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The APT James fast ferry entering the Port of Scarborough. (FILE PHOTO)

TWO ferries have completed their recent drydocking and a third will soon follow, said a statement on Thursday by the TT Inter-island Transportation Company Ltd.

The statement said the company advised the travelling public that the drydocking works to the APT James and the Buccoo Reef have been completed.

“The TT Spirit has completed its major out-of-water works and will continue its remaining repairs while the vessel is in the water, alongside the GSS Jetty. “The TT Spirit is, at present, atop the heavy-lift vessel, MV White Marlin, at Anchorage at Caridoc awaiting to be unberthed.

To unberth the TT Spirit, the HLV White Marlin had to be removed to anchorage where it will be submerged to about 16 metres to float-off the TT Spirit.

This procedure began at 1 pm on Thursday and will take about 16 hours to complete. “In the circumstances all technical operations (tugs, pilots, etcetera) will commence during daylight at 6 am on Friday, following which the TT Spirit will be towed back to the GSS Jetty, in Port of Spain.”

The statement said the the heavylift vessel was secured for use as a floating dock for works on the APT James, the Buccoo Reef and the TT Spirit.

Altogether the repair works were scheduled to be completed within 53 days. “In response to information circulating in the media, the crew on the TT Spirit has not been abandoned at sea with no means of relief. “In fact, the crew on the vessel is aware of the operations involving the unberthing of the vessel and have been provided with all necessary supplies for the care and well-being of our personnel on board. All payments for the operations on the MV White Marlin have been made to the ship’s agent. The company’s management thanked the general public for its understanding in the matter.”