3 men shot dead in separate incidents in East Trinidad

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Police cars on a crime scene – File photo by Jeff K Mayers

Three men were shot dead between late Friday and early Saturday in separate incidents in the east Trinidad.

Dead are Akeem Ralph, 26, taxi driver Gabriel Reid, 39, and Nekero ‘Ounce’ Sifontes, 37.

The latest of the three took place at around 2.15 am outside Ralph’s home at Pinto Road in Arima.

The police said Ralph was alerted to someone knocking on his front door and upon checking he saw three gunmen in camouflage clothing.

He went outside and they demanded that he hand over a gun he had.

Shortly after, gunshots rang out and his body was found on the ground with gunshot wounds.

His girlfriend and their baby were in the house but there were no reports of other injuries.

About two hours earlier, around 12.15 am, at Train Line Road in Malabar, Reid was shot dead in his taxi.

Reports are he had earlier dropped off a passenger in the area and was driving off when gunshots rang out.

Residents later found Reid’s body slumped in the driver’s seat of his car that had crashed into a nearby driveway.

He lived at Moonan Road in Wallerfield, Arima.

Two hours before Reid’s shooting death, around 10 pm on Friday, Sifontes, of Derrick Murray Drive, La Horquetta, was shot dead.

Reports are police responded to a report of explosions at Phase Four in La Horquetta, where they found the body on the roadway near Victor Bruce Avenue. Homicide Bureau of Investigations (Region II) police are leading investigations.