New Milestone Reached In Trinidad & Tobago For Trade, Investment and Business Facilitation


Enabled by TTBizLink, a Single Electronic Window System build by CrimsonLogic

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad & Tobago, May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CrimsonLogic, a leading provider of eGovernment solutions and services headquartered in Singapore, announced that five new E-Services on TTBizLink will be launched by the Honourable Senator Vasant Bharath, Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications.

Developed by CrimsonLogic, TTBizLink is a Single Electronic Window for Trade, Investment and Business facilitation built for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT).  The E-Services going live are: E-Goods Declaration, E-Maritime Services, E-Vendor Registration, E-National Insurance Board Registration, E-Board of Inland Revenue and E-Value Added Tax Registration.

TTBizLink is the second Single Electronic Window (SEW) built by CrimsonLogic that integrates a host of business facilitation E-Services to improve the ease of doing business in the country.  Other SEW systems by the company were mainly focused on international trade and automation of import and export documentation.

The TTBizLink system was able to successfully reduce transaction times significantly (ranging from 2.5 to 28 times improvement in time saving — please refer to table), enabling Trinidad and Tobago to positively enhance its overall international competitiveness for trade, foreign investments and the ease of doing business.

E-Service                     Lead Agency                        Improvement

 Registration                 - Ministry of Legal Affairs        7 days to 3 days*
-------------                 ---------------------------        ----------------

 and                           Investment and Communications
 Licences                      -Ministry of Trade, Industry,     4 weeks to 1 day*

                              - Ministry of Food Production

                              - Ministry of Health

 of Origin                    - ExporTT                          1 day to 30 minutes*

                               -Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of
                               Commerce and Industry
---                           --------------------------------

 Permits                      - Ministry of National Security    6 weeks to 2.5 weeks*

 Duty                          Investment and Communications
 Concessions                   -Ministry of Trade, Industry,     6 weeks to 12 days*
------------                  ------------------------------     ------------------

E-Fiscal                       -Ministry of Trade, Industry,
 Incentives                    Investment and Communications     6 weeks to 11 days*
-----------                   ------------------------------     ------------------

*Source: Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications,
 Trinidad & Tobago

Since phase one of the system went live in February 2012, the international ranking of Trinidad and Tobago — based on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index, has improved from 81 in year 2010 to 66 in 2014 globally.

With this phase two launch, TTBizLink now integrates eight Ministries and 18 government agencies (please refer to table) and involves paperless documentation and automated approvals for a multitude of areas such as Import and Export licenses, Fiscal Incentives, Work Permits, Company Registration, Certificates of Origin, Tax ID registration etc.

The Honourable Senator Vasant Bharath, Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications said: “Through TTBizLink, the Government of Trinidad & Tobago has been able to demonstrate the enabling role of ICT in significantly improving the country’s ease of doing business.”

In 2013, TTBizLink won first place in the prestigious United Nations Public Service Awards for the category of ‘Promoting Whole-Of-Government Approaches in the Information Age’.

“As a Singapore company, TTBizLink is our most comprehensive Single Electronic Window system in the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Saw Ken Wye, CEO of CrimsonLogic.  “We are extremely honoured to have shared our expertise and experience to support this project.  We are also proud to be a key partner to Trinidad and Tobago’s eGovernment journey to transform the country’s economy and trade.

“We continue see the Caribbean region as an important part of our growth strategy.  Various emerging markets have shown strong demands for trade facilitation and eGovernment solutions.  We hope to leverage on the opportunities to support these governments and their citizens’ needs to progress their countries to the next level of growth and prosperity.”

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