LONDON, May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas and Jamaica would vote to become republics in a referendum tomorrow, according to new research from Lord Ashcroft Polls. The other five countries in the Caribbean region where King Charles is head of state would choose to remain constitutional monarchies.

Findings from the survey include:

More said they would vote for a republic than the monarchy in Antigua (by 47% to 45%), the Bahamas (by 51% to 27%) and Jamaica (by 49% to 40%). The remainder in each case said they didn’t know or would not vote.
More said they would vote to remain a constitutional monarchy than to become a republic in Belize (by 48% to 43%), Grenada (by 56% to 42%), St Kitts & Nevis (by 52% to 45%), St Lucia (by 56% to 39%) and St Vincent and The Grenadines (by 63% to 34%).
More than 75% of pro-republic voters in all 8 countries polled in the region said that becoming a republic would bring real, practical benefits. The remainder said the monarchy was wrong in principle and should be replaced whether there were practical benefits or not.
Most pro-republic voters in Jamaica and St Kitts said the monarchy had been good for their country in the past but makes no sense today. In the other 6 countries, most pro-republic voters said the monarchy should never have been part of how their country was governed.
In all 3 countries where more would vote for a republic than to keep the monarchy, majorities (53% in Antigua, 69% in the Bahamas, 75% in Jamaica) agreed that “in an ideal world we wouldn’t have the monarchy, but there are more important things for the country to deal with.”
Despite their “referendum” votes, majorities in Antigua (55%) and Jamaica (62%) agreed that the monarchy meant they had more stability in their country than they would have without it. With the exception of the Bahamas, majorities in all countries polled in the region agreed that the King can unite everyone no matter who they voted for, and that the royal family cares a lot about their particular country.
Asked to choose between two statements, people in Antigua, Belize, St Kitts, St Lucia and St Vincent were more likely to see the monarchy as a valuable force for stability and continuity; those in the Bahamas, Grenada and Jamaica were more likely to see it as part of a colonial past that has no place in their country today.
Majorities in all 8 countries polled in the region had a positive view of King Charles, except the Bahamas (38%).
In 7 of the 8 countries, most said the monarchy made them feel more rather than less warm towards the UK (people in the Bahamas were divided 50-50). Clear majorities in all 8 said that if their country became a republic they would want to remain part of the Commonwealth.
Aside from Antigua, the Bahamas and Jamaica, the polling found that voters in Australia, Canada and the Solomon Islands would vote to become republics if a referendum were held tomorrow.

4,077 adults were interviewed online in Antigua & Barbuda, the Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent and The Grenadines in February and March 2023. A total of 22,701 adults were interviewed in the 15 countries in which King Charles is head of state. The full report, Uncharted Realms: The Future of the Monarchy in the UK and Around the World, together with full data for each country,is available for free at LordAshcroftPolls.com

LORD ASHCROFT KCMG PC is an international businessman, philanthropist, pollster and author. He is a former Deputy Chairman of the UK Conservative Party and honorary Chairman of the International Democrat Union. His recent political books include Going For Broke: The Rise of Rishi Sunak, First Lady: Intrigue at the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson, and Red Knight: The Unauthorised Biography of Sir Keir Starmer.

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