Your money or your life with unions


THE EDITOR: Predictably, right on cue, trade union are lined up with high-powered mental/emotional political rifles drawn. They look like bandits at a meeting. They want increased salaries with backpay or your political life.

The election date is August 10. A few short weeks in which to terrorise the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance just one more time under very unusual circumstances.

For the past five years the salaries of public sector workers were paid. There was no retrenchment of permanent employees.

The Government is in the midst of a global pandemic. Where is the heart? Why should the trade union fraternity try to pull out the economic fingernails at this unexpectedly critical time in all our lives? And anyway, rich or poor, dead is dead.

It is said that image is everything. The image of government-paid employees is one of gross ingratitude. Millions of people are unemployed throughout the world. Lives are at risk as the covid19 pandemic rages unabated in some countries.

Will the Government have to grossly cut back on funds for controlling and securing quarantine for our citizens? How many months or years longer will we need the expenditure?

Is it a case, literally, of your money or your life?


Diego Martin

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