Young: ‘I’m fine’ – but shoulder dislocated in fall


NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young is assuring the public he is fine after falling at the opening ceremony of the Penal Fire Station on Tuesday morning.

After giving his feature address, he began to walk down the short staircase to leave the stage and return to his seat.

But he tripped and fell and was injured.

Young was holding his left shoulder and was visibly in pain.

Members of the fire service immediately took him to an ambulance. An x-ray at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) showed his shoulder was dislocated.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon, Young thanked “well-wishers” and everyone who had been asking about his condition.

He said, “This morning, after giving my remarks at the opening of the new Penal Fire Station, as I was coming off of the stage and stood on the one step to come off, it slid, as it was not anchored or secured, and I fell.

“The fall was quite a hard one and I dislocated my shoulder.”

He added, “I thank the fire services’ personnel who carried me in the ambulance for their comfort and professionalism, all of the nurses, doctors and other staff at the SFGH who diagnosed and treated me.”

He said he is thankful he did not break or fracture any bones.

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