Young: Government did not pay for CNN interview

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: Energy Minister Stuart Young.

Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young says that he did not initiate talks to have an interview with CNN International, insisting that he was approached by them first and simply facilitated the request.

Last Tuesday, Young appeared as a guest on CNN’s Quest Means Business in which he expressed TT’s willingness to help the world wean itself off Russian oil and gas amid the Ukrainian invasion.

He added TT is doing better coming out of the pandemic, seeing increases in revenue from LNG and ammonia. He said the increased revenue will be used to pay bills.

During his contribution on a debate to accept the report of the standing finance committee, Young asserted that no money was paid to CNN International for the interview and believed TT attracted attention after participating in several international energy conferences.

“I’d like to reassure the people of Trinidad and Tobago is that interview took place because CNN reached out to me and my office asking whether I’d be prepared to participate in such an interview.

“You see that is on the direct heels of some of the international conferences that I have been attending along with the Prime Minister on some occasions where we’re telling the Trinidad and Tobago story.

“We did not pay a cent for the CNN International interview that was based purely on credibility and a request to this government unlike what has happened to those on the other side.”

Young added that the interview was well received by international oil and gas companies and vowed to continue promoting TT on international platforms.