Young: Exercise at home


PEOPLE will now have to exercise at home, as Minister of National Security Stuart Young said using savannahs and parks will be prohibited because of the coronavirus.

From midnight on Sunday until April 15 people will only be allowed to leave their home for essential services with exercising not being included.

Savannahs and parks are popular locations for thousands and with gyms also closed, citizens, will have to utilise their space at home.

On Friday, responding to an online question at a media conference at the Ministry of Health head office at Park Street in Port of Spain, Young said, “As difficult as it is and we understand the mental health and the wellness perspective, the answer is no.

“At this stage we really don’t want people outside their home…there are many ways you can exercise within your home, right there in your compound, in your yard, etcetera. We are asking as we keep trying to emphasise this virus is spread by contact.”

He continued, “It is a sacrifice that we all have to make until the 15th of April. This is an opportunity to continue trying to beat the curve.”

Before Friday’s announcement sporting teams and fitness groups told Newsday they had already started to alter their training because of the virus.

Coach of the TT Red Force Mervyn Dillon pays a lot of attention to the fitness of his cricketers. This week, with help from the team’s fitness trainers, Dillon said he planned to use a Whatsapp group to keep his players fit. Players would have to send videos of themselves working out.

Sweaters Touring Team, a fitness group based in Sangre Grande, also informed Newsday that they are using a Whatsapp group to keep members active. Squats, push-ups, jumping jacks and skipping are among the exercises people can do at home.

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