Wounded New Grant girl, 13, still hospitalised

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Photo courtesy Princes Town District Health Facility

The 13-year-old girl wounded in a shooting over the weekend in New Grant may spend the next few weeks recuperating in hospital.

“Doctors said she might be in the hospital for the next two-three weeks. She was shot in her right foot and cannot walk right now. Otherwise, she is doing good,” a close relative told Newsday on Monday.

The minor is a form one student.

She was among five people wounded in the same shooting on Saturday. The other victims were men, aged 29, 36, 40 and 57.

So far, two victims have been treated and discharged from hospital.

The shooting happened around 8.10 pm on Saturday. A wagon pulled up along Sixth Company Road. Four masked men with guns got out and started shooting at men near a parlour.

At the time, the girl and a female relative, 17, were standing at the roadside waiting for another relative to head home together.

The girls ran into some bushes behind a house and hid. They waited for the gunshots to stop before helping each other out.

One male victim was walking out of the parlour when the gunmen began shooting.

He was hit and fell to the ground. The gunmen ran past him toward the other male victims, running and shooting in different directions.

The gunmen returned to the car, which drove off.

Residents took the victims in different cars to the Princes Town District Health Facility. They were transferred to the hospital.

No one has been arrested and Princes Town police are investigating.