‘Worship warriors’ pray for Edward Trace residents

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Members of the St Ann #2 Independent Baptist Missionary Union pray in front of the home of slain former lay Catholic minister Sylda Mudie on Sunday. – Courtesy St Ann #2 IBMU

Members of a Baptist church at Edward Trace in Basse Terre Village, Moruga, walked the area praying, singing, and sharing biblical messages on Sunday in an attempt to stop any further bloodshed.

The St Ann #2 Independent Baptist Missionary Union (IBMU) organised the event titled Church on the Street. It started at around 8 am from Edward Trace junction and ended at the church’s compound.

The recent murders of residents prompted the walk, which saw members beating drums and playing other instruments while singing lustily to worship songs.

Junior pastor Debbieann Brereton said: “We are promoting Jesus this morning. We are sharing repentant messages. We are asking people to return to Jesus because many have turned their back on him.”

On June 2, resident Anton “Gary” Bacchus, 44, died after a man stabbed him several times near a bar at Edward Trace.

On August 10, Carltus “Sankar” Mudie, 80, chopped and shot his wife Sylda Mudie, 82, a former lay minister with the Catholic church. The mother of two died on the spot in the house.

He also chopped and wounded their son, Derek Mudie, 55, before the police responded and shot him. The elderly gardener died the next day at the San Fernando General Hospital.

“Our members frequently pray and fast. For the past two years, many members received visions about impending violence and bloodshed in the community,” Brereton said.

“About a month ago, one of the youngsters in the church and members went to the street and prayed in different areas. They prayed right where the last tragedy happened. The young man said there was going to be bloodshed there. No one was at the house at the time. They did about six different stops.”

Many wore red t-shirts with the words Worship Warrior.

“We have not had any more visions of bloodshed, but we are praying to avert the enemy’s work in our area. Instead of staying in the church, we are on the streets.”

She estimated that about 125 people, which comprised members and affiliates, attended.

Her husband, head pastor Leroy Brereton, and junior pastor Narissa Lewis shared biblical messages with the public.