Women must take the lead


DEPUTY Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of First Citizens Sharon Christopher, yesterday expressed disatisfaction with the progress of women in corporate life in this country. Responding to a question from a member of an audience comprising hundreds of women at the First Citizens Third Annual Women’s Conference, at MovieTowne Conference Centre, Wrightson Road, she said that while many women were coming out of universities and so many women are being educated, “why is it that women are not getting to the highest levels?” She said important work also needed to be done around what is happening to the men in society, “what has happened to our young boys and so on that they are not keeping up at that level with the women.” She said this was an issue. “There have been tremendous advancement for women and that is true, but there has not been enough because I still sit at boardroom tables where there are substantially men.” Addressing an audience which briefly included Sharon Rowley, the wife of the Prime Minister Keith Rowley Christopher said even in the case of First Citizens, there were 21 members of senior management in a bank where up to senior managerial level 80 percent of the staff is female. She pointed out that the Group Chief Executive is a woman, there are four other women and the rest are men. “So there are still issues to address.” And she said she was not just referring to the proverbial glass ceiling because there was also a glass ceiling among women as well,

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A WEEKEND of bloodshed, in which four persons including two fathers and an elderly woman were murdered in four unrelated incidents, has caused the nation’s murder toll to rise to 346 with officers unable to make arrests in any of these murders up to press time.