Warner: Don’t be fooled by PNM

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Former UNC government minister Jack Warner speaks at the UNC’s rally in San Fernando on Saturday. – ANGELO MARCELLE

Former national security minister Jack Warner said the people of TT would be fooled if they voted for the PNM. He said people should stand their ground and vote in the local government elections on Monday.

Speaking at the UNC’s rally at the SSL car park in San Fernando, on Saturday, Warner poked fun at the PM for saying he was going on vacation next week.

“I’ve never seen a man go on vacation from not working. For the last eight years, he hasn’t been working, now he’s going on vacation, and you want to tell me he’s a man concerned about local government reform.”

He also took issue with the issue of property taxes.

“I’ve travelled to 117 countries and never seen a government go to the polls, tell people vote for me, and I will tax you after. The man has called us fools. We would be fooled if we voted for them. Also, if you believe them that they won’t be bringing in inheritance tax, remember they said they wouldn’t close Petrotrin.”

Warner said people should come out and stand their ground to vote on Monday, even if the lines were long.

“Every family that has had a murder in the family, every family who has had an invasion, every family that has gone into a pothole, every family where you’ve had a businessman who was robbed because they weren’t given an FUL, every family who has expressed revulsion at the destruction of Skinner Park, every family has been affected by Rowley. He talks to his supporters from a white couch, like they’re his serfs. The only party that can help you is the UNC.”

Warner urged people to take their fingers and light up the PM.

OWTU branch president Christopher Jackman said no one could say their life had been improved by the PNM for the last eight years.

“How can we think about putting these people back in charge of the corporations? I can’t think of one thing the government has done to make my life better. They’re running on local government reform. You want me to come and pay property tax? Why do I have to vote to tax myself when property prices and food prices are already so high and work is so hard to get? People are struggling to buy books, why would I vote for that?”

He said Petrotrin workers would not forgive what was done by the government in sending 5,000 workers home. He called on the ex-workers to come out and vote.

“Life has gotten harder in terms of gas bills, unemployment, food. We can’t sit and hope for everything to get better. They feel they have gotten the go-ahead from the people of TT to continue what they have been doing, and we can’t accept that. If your life isn’t being improved, vote them out.”

Jackman said he believed in a brighter tomorrow with the UNC. He said government showed a lack of compassion when they didn’t look after the families of the divers at Paria, which he said wouldn’t have happened under the Opposition Leader. He reminded ex-Petrotrin employees that their health plans were taken away and the refinery was closed, contrary to promises made by the government.