Volney: PM at his best


FORMER PP government minister Herbert Volney praised the Prime Minister for the clarity of his statements about why the current covid19 protocols will remain in effect until May 15.

In a post on his Facebook page after Dr Rowley addressed a news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s on Saturday, Volney said, “I did not sense acrimony. I sensed good leadership today as the Prime Minister spoke in a calm and informed way of the state of the coronavirus in Trinidad and Tobago, and the way forward.”

Volney continued, “I will be the first to give him credit for his clarity of what we are to expect in the weeks ahead.” He added, “At last we can reasonably say that we have made excellent progress.” Volney hoped that “if the next two weeks of diagnostic testing goes well, we will likely see a relaxation of this period of confinement”.

Another former PP minister, Vasant Bharath, previously praised the Government’s handling of the covid19 pandemic to date. In a post on his Facebook page on April 22, Bharath supported efforts by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith and his officers to enforce the public health regulations designed to prevent the spread of covid19

“Although I understand that there are no stay at home laws and no police officer can order you to return home, the CoP has been forced to introduce these measures because of ‘harden’ and errant Trinis who threaten the health of all of us.”

Bharath observed, “These are the same people who, if they were in a foreign land, would dutifully stay indoors.” He said the actions of these people lead him to believe “there are many who, for their own selfish and narrow agendas, would like to see the Govt fail to deal with this pandemic”.

He concluded, “I, for one, and my family will conform strictly with the stay at home orders.”

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