Venezuelans to vote in presidential primaries on Sunday

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Former Venezuelan union leader President Nicolas Maduro –

The Venezuelan opposition party will select a candidate to face president Nicolás Maduro in the 2024 presidential elections on Sunday.

Venezuelans around the world, including those in TT, can cast their ballots on the National Primary Commission’s (CNP in Spanish) digital platform.

In TT, 1,060 Venezuelans can vote.

Speaking to Newsday on Monday, Sofía Figueroa-León, president of the local electoral committee for TT, said there would be a polling centre at the headquarters of the Langdons Language Institute on Montrose Road, Chaguanas.

“We have everything ready to successfully carry out these historic elections. It will be the first time we vote in a primary election abroad and the first time a Venezuelan election is held outside of Port of Spain.”

Figueroa-León said the polling centre was moved to Chaguanas allow easy access from all parts of Trinidad.

“The thousands of Venezuelans in TT are distributed throughout the country. Chaguanas is a central point for everyone.”

The polling centre will have three tables. It is expected to be open from 7 am-5 pm.

Venezuelans registered to vote would be required to present their identificaton cards or passports in order to vote.

The opposition electoral ballot is made up of thirteen pre-candidates: Delsa Solórzano, Tamara Adrián, Gloria Pinho, María Corina Machado, Andrés Caleca, Andrés Velásquez, Capriles Radonski, Carlos Prosperi, César Almeida, César Pérez Vivas, Freddy Superlano, Luis Farías and Roberto Enríquez.

However, in recent days, Radonski, Superlano and Enriquez withdrew from the election.

Venezuelans voting outside of their home country, there are 87 voting centres in 80 cities in 30 countries across the world.

On Monday, Figueroa-León said, “We invite the Venezuelan community to participate. It is a right to choose our candidates and political leaders for the future of our nation.”