VAT Holiday: What you can or cannot buy VAT-free Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Wednesday, December 21, 2022, will be Barbados’ second Christmas VAT Holiday in two consecutive years.

Many are hoping it becomes an annual staple on government’s calendar so that they can plan better for it. However, with the announcement made yesterday by Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn, Loop is sharing the facts on what’s eligible and what’s not.

Eligible Sales:

a) ONLY goods are eligible;

b) Eligible goods must be available for sale with immediate issuance or delivery to the customer on the day;

c) Hire purchase sales are eligible (this is to facilitate those persons who may not have ready-cash to make purchases at this time)

Not Eligible:

a) Orders for goods that are not in stock do not qualify

b) Credit purchases or goods on consignment or from wholesale distribution centres are NOT eligible

c) Motor vehicles, gasoline, LPG and diesel, guns, ammunition, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages are NOT eligible

d) The supply of accommodation is NOT eligible

e) Telecoms are not included – Top-ups etc

f) Services are not included. The VAT-free Holiday is for goods primarily