UWI hosts in-person matriculation after 2-year break

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal of The UWI St Augustine Campus Professor Rose-Marie Belle Antoine and Guild President Kobe Sandy light “The Flame of Excellence”, to represent the union of the Campus administration and the student body, in support of new students. – UWI

At the UWI, St Augustine campus’s first in-person matriculation ceremony in two years, pro vice-chancellor and campus principal Prof Rose-Marie Belle Antoine urged the new students: “Take your civic responsibility seriously.”

(Left to right) Dr Dawn-Marie De Four-Gill, Campus Registrar, The UWI St. Augustine Campus looks on as Solange Joseph – a first year Faculty of Law student signs the Matriculation Register. At right is Assistant Registrar, Ms. Simone Roberts. – UWI

On Thursday, Antoine told students to become involved in their on and off-campus communities and: “Always remember the adage: To whom much is given, much is expected.

“At St Augustine, you will receive the skill sets and uncover vast reservoirs of excellence to begin the process of applying new knowledge to world problems. Through your total immersion in UWI life, you will make the connections and expand beyond previously insular horizons to see the beauty and grace in each Caribbean territory.

First-year students at the UWI, St Augustine campus’ 2022 matriculation ceremony. – UWI

“As ‘One UWI,’ you will continue to be the main unifying force of this one Caribbean, connected by much more than the Caribbean Sea but by an infinite wellspring of vitality that has survived slavery, indentureship, and colonialism.”

Solange Joseph, a first-year law student, signed the matriculation register on behalf of the incoming cohort.

The ceremony was concluded with the lighting of the “Flame of Excellence” by Antoine and Students’ Guild president Kobe Sandy.

In addition, UWI said hundreds of students planted food crop seeds, writing their names on the vessel containing them as part of their first-year experience. It said the Faculty of Food and Agriculture had already planted about 500 of those seeds.

“The students would be expected to support the growth of these crops by visiting the fields throughout their academic years. In their graduation year, the campus –with the Faculty of Food and Agriculture – will host a harvest where students would be invited to share the fruits of their labour.”