US executions like being burned alive, says Supreme Court justice


Washington: The death penalty as it is practised in Oklahoma is a “a barbarous method of punishment – the chemical equivalent of being burned alive”, a justice of the United States Supreme Court has written in an incendiary dissent to her colleagues’ majority decision supporting capital punishment. The story goes back to April last year, when the state of Oklahoma attempted to execute a murderer called Clayton Lockett, and botched the attempt so badly that in effect, it tortured him to death for 43 minutes until he had a heart attack. Like nearly every other American jurisdiction that uses the death penalty, Oklahoma has turned to using lethal injection, a method of killing…

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Israel snubs UN rights body over Gaza war report

GENEVA: Israel snubbed a United Nations Human Rights Council session on Monday debating a scathing report detailing likely war crimes committed during last year’s Gaza war, with Israel’s ambassador slamming the body as “morally flawed”. “I am out here and not in there because the Human Rights Council has abandoned […]