[UPDATED] Raw sewage flows into Point Fortin HDC homes

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Liz-Anne Hamilton, a resident of Lake View Housing Development, speaks on
the deplorable conditions of her HDC apartment. – Marvin Hamilton

RESIDENTS of Lake View housing development in La Fortune, Point Fortin are seeking urgent assistance from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to fix a sewer line that has spilled raw sewage on their properties.

Newsday visited the area on Friday morning and found raw sewage flowing onto the properties and one apartment at building 36 abandoned.

The ground floor of that apartment was covered in raw sewage and other debris. Newsday also observed stray dogs eating raw sewage and drinking stagnant water.

Affected residents said they moved into the area about six years ago and have been experiencing the problem for the past four years.

Liz-Anne Hamilton, who lives in apartment 36 B said the problem was more prevalent during the rainy season and feared what would happen in the coming months.

On Thursday, her apartment flooded, and raw sewage covered the lower floor, damaging most of her furniture, which she said had to be thrown away.

“I came home from work and found my house flooded with sewage. It was the worst. We are not sure if the sewer system for the development is functioning at this stage. What will happen on the days there is no water, and we can’t clean it?”

“I have grandchildren and they cannot come here because of this. It is a health hazard. The apartment next to me is full of raw sewage and I have to live next to it and breathe in this foul air.”

Hamilton estimated the loss from Thursday’s flooding was over $10,000 in furniture and about $13,000 in tools.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, she said in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season they raised the matter with HDC, but nothing was done.

About two months ago HDC workmen who were constructing more houses a short distance away tried to assist by opening water outlets for free flow and recasting a driveway which was badly affected, but the work only made the problem worse, Hamilton said.

The matter, she said, was also reported to Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr and mayor Saleema McCree Thomas, but no assistance has been forthcoming.

“I can’t get up every morning to sewer and I am afraid of what will happen when rain falls. This is no kind of condition for humans to be living in. I like the community, but I can’t be paying for this apartment and not living comfortably.”

Additionally, she said there were many infrastructure problems.

“There are a lot of issues and I have reported them, and nothing has been done. The windows and doors are falling apart, the titles are cracking, and the plumbing is bad.”

When contacted an HDC official said the matter will be investigated and more details will be provided subsequently.

Upon further checks with Hamilton on Friday evening, she said a team from HDC visited, conducted an assessment but no relief was provided.