[UPDATED] CAL updates delayed, cancelled flights

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) plane mid-flight.

Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) said it is continuing to work on recovery flights for displaced passengers of cancelled services resulting from severe flight disruptions on August 20, due to a high volume of sick calls from pilots.

In a release at noon on Monday, the airline said the process was ongoing due to the high number of individuals impacted.

It said some international and domestic flights for August 21 are still impacted and its dedicated Reservations Service Centre is actively working to contact all affected customers.

There are two delayed international flights. The first is BW527, JFK (New York) – GEO (Georgetown, Guyana) – POS (Port of Spain), which has been rerouted via Kingston, Jamaica (JFK-KIN-GEO-POS). It is expected to arrive in Kingston at 10:30 am local time, and leave at noon, to arrive in Georgetown at 4:39 pm local time.

The second is BW216/217, POS – BGI (Barbados) – OGL (Ogle International Airport, Guyana) – POS, which is expected to leave Port of Spain at 1:30 pm.

CAL said the remaining international flights remained cancelled. Customers were being contacted for flights BW43/439, BW521, and BW445, scheduled for Grenada, JFK, and Barbados respectively. Passengers on flights to St Lucia (BW 434/435 and BW 244) would be accommodated by charter via UVF airport in St Lucia.

On the domestic airbridge, CAL said BW1524/1525 was delayed, with an estimated departure time from POS at 4:45 pm and an estimated departure time from Tobago at 5:40 pm. All other Tobago flights remained cancelled.