Unvaccinated allowed in safe zones under certain circumstances

DINNER IS SERVED: In this file photo, friends Shenee Winchester and Anthony Springer enjoy dinner at Fairways Restaurant and Golf Lounge at Tobago Plantations, Lowlands, on Monday. The restaurant reopened as a safe zone, allowing dine-in for vaccinated customers only. – Photo by David Reid

Unvaccinated people are allowed to enter safe zones but only if they have been officially exempted from taking the vaccine.

St Andrews/St David county medical officer of health Dr Allana Quamina-Best said this during Wednesday’s Ministry of Health covid19 media briefing.

Apart from their vaccination deferral letter, unvaccinated people must also do a PCR or rapid test 48 hours before visiting the safe zone and present a negative result to the business owner.

Quamina-Best explained, “We recognise that there are some people who will apply for the deferral or exemption from being vaccinated.

“If that person is an employee at one of the safe zone establishments, that employee must produce to their employer a negative rapid test or negative PCR test every 14 days.

“With regards to unvaccinated patrons who are in possession of a deferral or exemption from being vaccinated, that too must be provided to the operator of the safe zone business.”

Quamina-Best advised businesses to keep a copy of both their employee’s and patrons’ negative PCR test in the event they are being inspected and asked to present it by officials.