UNC tells Imbert: Stop ducking our questions

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

David Lee –

OPPOSITION chief whip David Lee wants Finance Minister Colm Imbert to “stop running from the Opposition.” Lee said Imbert is quick to respond to criticism but has fallen silent after being asked important questions by the UNC.

Lee was speaking at an Opposition press conference in Port of Spain on Friday morning.

On Wednesday in Parliament, Lee asked the government to be clear on whether the public is being overcharged for fuel.

He said in recent months, oil prices have been lower than the amount TT’s current fuel prices are based on from the 2023 budget.

He called on Imbert to apologise to the public.

“The Minister of Finance cannot answer this claim and has failed to answer this claim because the evidence we will present to you again, the same as we presented at Wednesday’s mid-term debate is damning and clear.

“For seven months this government had full knowledge that the oil price was below $80 dollars per barrel. But what did they do? They charged the people of this nation a fuel price based on $90 dollars per barrel. The government of TT committed in our view, an act of highway robbery at the pumps against citizens.”

He said the government should say what is the “true price” the public should be paying and when this would be reflected at the pumps.

Lee said Imbert answers economists and Chambers, but “in the last 48 hours Minister Imbert has failed to answer our claims on the fuel subsidy.”