UNC MP files no-confidence motion against AG

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein.

BARATARIA/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein has filed a private members’ motion of no confidence against embattled Attorney General Reginald Armour.

The motion was filed on June 13 in accordance with Standing Orders 35 and 36 (1), Hosein told the Monday night forum of the United National Congress (UNC).

Saying acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert failed to answer questions relating to Armour’s disqualification from a Miami court case, he vowed to use the Standing Orders to hold Government to account.

Senator Wade Mark is to file a similar motion in the Senate over Armour’s disqualification from a Florida lawsuit brought against former government minister Brian Keui Tung and others in the Piarco Airport corruption case. Armour represented them in a related matter in the Trinidad and Tobago court.

The Florida law firm, Sequor Law, which had conduct of the matter for 18 years for the State, was also disqualified. The government has appealed the ruling. The appeal has not yet been fixed for hearing.

Mark also addressed the audience on the sad state of labour and unemployment issues.

The Opposition bench walked out of Parliament on Monday as Armour rose to address the House, “Because you no moral authority to have a seat in that Parliament,” Hosein said, reading the contents of the motion addressed to the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

He said the UNC will not allow Parliament to turn into a PNM party group.

“The UNC will stand in the way of the PNM eroding our democracy in TT.

“We will continue to fight until you are removed as the AG of TT because you have embarrassed us internationally, regionally, locally. You have brought shame, disgrace, odium and disrepute to that sacred office of the AG.”

He cautioned Armour, “You could run, but you can’t hide. You better have an armour made of steel, because we have an iron lady coming for you.”

The no-confidence motion:

“Whereas Section 76(2) of the Constitution provides that the AG has conduct of all civil litigation within and outside of TT, the AG is required to uphold the Constitution, the Legal Profession Act including obeying the Code of Ethics and the rule of law to maintain public confidence, trust and integrity in the Office of the Attorney General.

“A Miami Court disqualified the Attorney General from acting on behalf of TT due to a conflict of interest as the defendants in the Miami matter were his former clients in relation to the criminal proceedings in the Piarco matters that were held in TT.

“In the matter the AG has declared in an affidavit dated April 24, 2022 under the penalty of perjury in the US Court making several false statements and patently misrepresented facts of his deep involvement in criminal proceedings on behalf of his former clients

“The AG gave false evidence in the affidavit that at the time he was acting for his former clients in the criminal proceedings in TT he was a junior lawyer and was restricted to “minimal legal research and to taking notes.”

“The AG’s conflict of interest, false statements made to the US Court and his conduct have embarrassed TT and brought his office into odium and disrepute.

“Be it resolved that this House express its loss of confidence in the Attorney General.”