UNC: Government has failed on crime

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Dr Roodal Moonilal –

Dr Roodal Moonilal said the country is “ungovernable” under the People’s National Movement government.

He also said critical institutions have collapsed.

Speaking at a media briefing on Sunday, the Oropouche East MP said there was a continued escalation of crime and criminality in TT.

He mentioned the killing of municipal police officer Dylan Mohammed, saying police officers were becoming victims of crime.

Mohammed’s body was found at Warren Road Extension, Cunupia, on Saturday. He was tied up and his body partially submerged in the river. There appeared to be a gunshot wound to his head,

Moonilal also said officers’ equipment and uniforms were being found at crime scenes. According to Moonilal, the country was overrun not only by crime but by forces with access to law enforcement fatigue and equipment.

“An overhauling of the system needs to be undertaken so uniforms, guns and other equipment designated for the regiment, police and other protective agencies are not found in the hands of criminal elements.”

He called on National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to conduct audit the various arms of law enforcement.

“There is a need to evaluate the procurement of uniforms, the companies that supply them and the revision of policy and laws.”

Moonilal said crime continues to go unabated and Hinds has “abandoned the ship.”

“The National Security Minister cannot be found, the national security apparatus has fallen apart. They have appeared to have thrown their hands up in the air.”

Moonilal also raised the issue of cyber security.

“Another company has been attacked, Blue Waters. It is unclear what information has been stolen and leaked on the dark web, which can jeopardise people and companies.”

He said there have been no reports from Telecommunications Services (TSTT) since the company’s “mega” cyber attack in October.

“They fired the CEO, but the board of directors remains the same, the board remains negligent, you fired the CEO, who is now contemplating legal action, but you have not presented any report on what caused the attack?”

In November, TSTT announced its then-CEO Lisa Agard had been replaced. This came days after Agard apologised to customers whose data was stolen in the October cyberattack.

Moonilal called on the TSTT board to make public its findings on the cyber attack. He also called for an update on convicted human trafficker Anthony Michael Smith who went missing before his trial ended.

Smith allegedly removed his electronic monitoring device while on bail on September 24 and has been on the run since.